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2014-2017 MASERATI  NEW A/C COMPRESSOR 00344880 01141229 0030

2014-2017 MASERATI NEW A/C COMPRESSOR 00344880 01141229 0030

Availability: In Stock

Condition: New-aftermarket

Delivery: Available

Warranty: 30 Days

Price: AED 1770

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If your air compressor has failed and you want to find the best deal to get your vehicle’s A/C backfiring in the UAE, then Partfinder UAE is the ideal place to find air compressors for your car. We have suppliers from all over the UAE on one portal, and will give you the prices for the air compressor or any other used car parts you need from all the suppliers, without you having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

Air Compressors are part of every automobile vehicle these days. It is an integral part of a car, and if it doesn’t function properly, it creates problems for the people traveling in the car.

Whatever deal you choose will be the cheapest and most affordable for you. This is what we guarantee you in advance. We don’t supply the parts. After you get a quote from us and choose a part, the supplier who has the used air compressor will contact you and arrange the delivery.

Why Air Compressor is Important?

Air compressors are extremely useful especially in those areas where the weather is hot. So, people usually drive their cars with the air conditioning turned on, which happens due to air compression by converting hot air and spitting cold air into the car cabin, which makes the temperature of the inside car cabin quite cold, especially in extremely hot conditions. 

In the UAE, the weather is generally quite hot throughout the year due to it being a desert. In this sort of weather, if the A/C of your car is not performing due to air compressor failure, you wouldn’t be able to drive your car at all due to the scorching heat.

What If Your Air Compressor Fails?

If your car air compressor fails or doesn’t work to its maximum capability, the A/C will not vent as cold air as it should, and hence the temperature inside the car cabin will rise as well. Complete failure means driving the car would be virtually impossible as the heat is too much to handle especially in broad daylight.

Does a Failed Air Compressor Damage the Engine?

A failed air compressor will neither damage the engine nor affect the performance of any other car part apart from the A/C, but the driving experience could end up being quite challenging for a driver, especially in the heat of the UAE. At that time, if you’re in the UAE, you need to get the compressor replaced as quickly as you can. Compressors can be purchased from any part supplier or garage facility.

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