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Nissan Altima Fan Assy, 2007 to 2018, New | 2722

Nissan Altima Fan Assy, 2007 to 2018, New

AED 128

Availability: In Stock

Condition: New

Delivery: Available

Warranty: 7 Days

Lexus Is250 Air Filter Box, 2009 to 2019, New | 2722

Lexus Is250 Air Filter Box, 2009 to 2019, New

AED 147

Availability: In Stock

Condition: New

Delivery: Available

Warranty: 7 Days

BMW 5 Series Airbag, 2018, Used | 2297

BMW 5 Series Airbag, 2018, Used

AED 600

Availability: In Stock

Condition: Used

Delivery: Available

Warranty: 5 Days

Buy Quality Replacement Airbags for your Car Online in UAE

If you are in the United Arab Emirates and your airbag has either failed or is not deploying properly, you’ll need a replacement airbag for your car. With the help of Partfinder UAE, you can find replacement auto spares all over the UAE.  Car Airbags For Sale In UAE

We offer you the chance to purchase all kinds of car spare parts including airbags for your vehicle due to our connection with a variety of UAE-based suppliers. We connect you to them and they will provide you with the part of your choosing. The price quote we give you will make sure that you always get the best deal for your car.

Car Airbags

Airbags are very important for the safety of passengers in the car. They were introduced by General Motors in the 1973 Chevy Impala but it was restricted to governmental use. A car with an airbag really made its debut for the public in the Oldsmobile Toronado, which the people really loved as it increased their protection while driving the car.

What is the Purpose of an Airbag?

The main reason why airbags were installed was to reduce the number of casualties during road accidents. They became really successful after they were deployed in cars. The primary purpose of the airbag is to provide adequate protection if the car incurs an accident. For that purpose, it is recommended to have properly working airbags in cars as it increases your own security.

What to Do if the Airbag Doesn’t Deploy Properly?  Buy Used Car Airbags

If the airbag does not deploy properly, there will be massive problems. In 2019, Takata, which is famous for making airbags was under scrutiny for manufacturing defective airbags for car manufacturers. A defective airbag can explode under heat and cause severe injuries or even deaths to some extent. This is how dangerous a poor airbag can be.

If you know your car airbag isn’t performing as it should or is not deploying properly, make sure to get it replaced quickly or some significant consequences await as a defective airbag should never be trusted to keep you safe from accidents.

Delivery in the UAE

If you reside in one of the emirates of the UAE, you can be sure to get the delivery for the airbag you need. It is of no concern at all whether you’re in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah or any other UAE emirate. Our suppliers will make sure to provide you with the best part at the cheapest price point.


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