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If your car’s automatic transmission or gearbox of the vehicle has failed and you’re looking for a suitable car gearbox replacement inside the UAE, then Partfinder UAE is the ideal destination for finding gearboxes and automatic transmission equipment. We are directly associated with some of the best workshops and part-providers who have the best-used equipment for your vehicle.

All you’re asked to do is enter your vehicle details and the part you need, in this case, it will be a gearbox. Then, we’ll help you find the right gearbox for your car, van or truck and get you price quotes from the best-used car part sellers in the UAE.

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Automatic Transmission and Gearbox

Gearbox, whether manual or automatic transmission, is integral parts of any vehicle. Without these two in their respective vehicles, the car cannot function at all. Such is the complexity of the work which these two parts do with ease is that there is no way any company is going to put these items out of their systems; the cars simply can’t function if these parts do not perform properly.

How Does Auto Transmission and Gearbox Work?

Both automatic transmission and gearbox act differently but their job is to do the same thing but in a different way. The auto transmission automatically shifts the car gears into a different mode without the driver having to directly interact with it in any way. It is quite useful in areas with alternating slopes and altitudes.

A manual gearbox works when the driver of the car interacts with it and switches gears inside of it. These gears are responsible for easing pressure on the engine and increasing the vehicle’s speed at the same time. Modern cars these days have about four forward gears and a single reverse gear.

What If They Fail?

Improper working of the transmission might lead to an accident or a much more extended repair for you if you don’t get it fixed. This failure doesn’t happen suddenly. It mostly happens due to a lack of fluid which increases the friction and wears down parts inside the gearbox. Similarly, if the automatic transmission fails, the car will have severe issues and you should immediately either get the issue repaired or replace the gearbox or auto transmission with a properly working replacement part

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