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One thing is certain door mirrors are usually taken for granted. We never pay much attention to those essential parts of the vehicle as they are always there to serve their purpose. Once we have this part missing, we realize the importance and function of the said part. Buying a brand-new wing mirror for an imported vehicle can be an expensive affair so you are always better off searching for the part in the used spare parts market.

How to Find Replacement Door Mirror  Car Door Mirrors For Sale In UAE

You may not be able to find specific places that specialize in selling door mirrors as it is not such a significant part so you may end up searching it through scrape yards or auto spare parts markets which may cost you time and money. If you look for those parts online you might be able to save both time and money and find it easier to procure the part. 

Partfinder UAE Can Help You Find It

Partfinder UAE is a comparison site that can help you procure your desired part with ease. We have a vast network of suppliers who are trusted and verified by us and would be able to give you a range of choices according to the condition of the part. It becomes easier for you to choose from that range according to your specifications and your budget requirements. 

Buying from us is easier than ever, you just enter the make, model, and year to see if your desired part is available and as soon as you are shown the list, you can buy your desired part.

History of Door/Wing Mirrors

The invention of the door/wing mirrors has an interesting tale behind it. Arthur James Wilson was behind the invention of the door mirrors. He was born in Camden Town in 1858. He caught scarlet fever at age 12 and became completely deaf. Arthur was an avid cyclist and through the ranks, he was offered a job as a manager of Pneumatic Tyre Company. In 1896 Arthur bought his first motor vehicle and became the first deaf person to own a motor vehicle. In those days’ vehicles were manufactured without the thought of door mirrors and that never sat well with Arthur as he was deaf and had difficulty hearing anything coming from behind. So, he invented the side mirrors that became a standard later on.

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