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BMW 750li xdrive 2012 Petrol Driveshaft | 558

BMW 750li xdrive 2012 Petrol Driveshaft

AED 317

Availability: In Stock

Condition: Used

Delivery: Available

Warranty: 3 Days

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A problem is normally regarded as unwelcome or embarrassing to be dealt with. Regardless of its stability and rigidity, the driveshaft like other car parts, can have some issues. You will notice some vibrations from underneath the vehicle clunking noise squeaking noise difficult turning knocking noise or shuddering upon acceleration.  Car Driveshafts For Sale In UAE

All such symptoms indicate some abnormality in the driveshaft. Its one and only solution is to replace it with auto spare parts or use one from used spare parts. All this depends upon your budgetary condition and your requirements. 

Have Online Solutions from Some Reputable and Reliable Companies

After having confirmation that the driveshaft is the main culprit, you must think about its remedy now. The UAE is hugely diverse and large enough. You are at some distant location where there is no Partfinder UAE. And even if you are living in an urban area busy life, you cannot spare time to set it right. 

All these situations compel you to have online solutions from some reputable and reliable company. It is advised that never fall victim to the hands of such online solutions that dig deep into your wallet. 

Always Choose the Best of the Best  Buy Used Car Driveshafts

Always choose the best of the best, like Partfinder UAE that has superb and fabulous service. So far as our access is concerned, it is very conducive. Just send us a free quote. After receiving confirmation, we instantly coordinate with our part providers about your driveshaft. 

There are two possibilities in this context. You can directly have a driveshaft from the parts provider or get it fitted on-site. Without any shadow of a doubt, you would prefer onsite service. We would deliver to ease you so that you could have a comprehensive solution to your failed driveshaft.


The driveshaft prop shaft or propeller shaft is an important component of the drive train in the vehicle that transmits power. It delivers torque from the transmission to the differential. The primary objective is to shift torque to the distantly separated components. Right from the trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles to cars, the drivetrain is responsible for assisting power onto the road.

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