Frequently Asked Questions

Partfinder is a 100% Free price comparison service in the UAE. It helps you to find the best used car spare parts near you.

We find the part sellers near you and provide the vehicle information on it for you. all the car spare part sellers near you send price quotes and this service is done free of charge.

Your personal details will not be used for marketing purpose but used solely to allow sellers to contact you with no obligation price quotes for car parts you need.

Some quotes appear almost instantly in your email inbox while other may be on your phone and there is a bright chance that sellers might call you to discuss parts availability. You can compare price quotes and decide where to buy used car spare parts in UAE

Full Engine at partfinder means a bare engine with Cylinder Head Engine Block & Sump.  It does not include any ancillary items such as Starters, Injection Pumps or Alternators etc. unless requested and agreed additionally.

Absolutely! The bulk of the spare parts sold by salvage yards and they are original (OEM), installed by the manufacturer on the vehicle. 

We do not offer such service but upon receiving price quotes for your spare parts you can discuss with the seller if they can buy from you.

Normally, used spare parts come from vehicles and they are 100% OEM parts "Original Equipment Manufacturer" parts installed by the manufacturer

Undoubtedly, Partfinder is a reputed online marketplace that provides 100% free price comparison services to our users with an easy and convenient place to find quality auto parts in the UAE. Helping the users to locate used spare parts sellers near you in the UAE

You’re under NO Obligation whatsoever. you will receive price quotes from spare part sellers near you, and they may phone, email or text you quotes for you to consider.

It solely depends on the seller, some of them offer 30 days guarantee on parts supplied.   Others come with 60 or even 90 days or even more. You can confirm with the seller

Yes, you can find used spare parts anywhere in the UAE, we cover entire Middle East

No, we do not directly involve in selling of parts as we do not have any stock, but we have a network of used spare part sellers in Middle East and the UAE and they have an inventory of used spare parts.

Yes indeed, we have our network of used car parts sellers across the UAE, no matter what city, area or estate you are living in, you can still find your required car parts near you.

You can find all types of spare parts for your car e.g. engine, gearbox, mirrors, bonnets, AC parts, radiators, windshields, wipers, car doors, panels and all type of interior parts through Partfinder UAE, only select your car make, model and year in the widget on our website and select your required parts. you will receive price quotes from different sellers instantly. compare prices and select the seller to pay less.

Yes, you can easily find car parts sellers near you. once you will enter your car details, you will receive price quotes from all the part sellers in your area.