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Headlight History

The idea of driving a vehicle without headlamps sounds absurd nowadays but believe it or not there were times when people drove vehicles without headlamps. Let’s not get into those dark age times and see when was it the first time when modern halogen headlamp was introduced. It was in 1962 when the first form of those headlamps was used and with the passage of time, they kept evolving.

Common Problems with Headlamps

Usually, there are a few common culprits when it comes to the common faults with headlamps. If you are driving a vehicle with beams that use enclosed housing then you need to replace the whole casing in the case of malfunction. If the filament goes bad then the whole beam needs replacement. Or you can just change the filament. Sometimes the front of the headlamp becomes too foggy and that results in loss of light so the whole headlamp needs replacement. And last but not the least is when the wiring is damaged then either the wiring or casing both needs replacing.

 Where to Replace Headlamp From?

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