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Buy All Types of Car Hitches in UAE at Cheapest Online Prices

It is always beneficial to have a hitch installed at the back of our vehicle in case you ever need to tow something or help someone to tow their vehicle to safety. If you are looking for the options then let the Partfinder UAE help you find the best hitches at reasonable prices. You do not need to leave the safety of your home either. Whole process of locating and purchasing car accessories in UAE can be done online.

Types of Hitches and how to Choose

Typically, most of the vehicles that are considered heavy duty come with standard receiver hitch on the rear end but you can add other towing hitch packages to make it more useful and specific.

You can add bumper hitch that attaches directly to the rear end receiver hitch. You can choose to add weight distribution hitch which helps tow travel trailers and keep them level. There is a hitch called 5th wheel hitch that uses kingpin mechanism to attach the towing load. Its typically used to haul large trailers and is attached at the bed of the truck rather than at the back. A gooseneck hitch is almost the same as 5th wheel hitch as the mounting place is almost similar. This hitch is also used to haul large trailer or live stock trailers. Lastly you can add a pintle hitch that is useful on rough terrain hauling heavy loads.

Where to Find Those Hitches

You are sure to find some in your local auto market but you cannot find the same variety as you can online. Partfinder UAE can provide you the opportunity to find and procure hitches from a large variety online and at very economical prices. All you need to do is get in touch with us by filling the required fields and mentioning the parts you require. Our system picks up the request and send it to the part sellers. You start receiving non obligation quotes and can choose according to your requirements.

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