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If your car’s radiator or condenser has failed and you need an amicable replacement for either of them, you can find that easily at Partfinder UAE. We have a connection with suppliers in all states of the UAE from Dubai and Sharjah to Ajman and Abu Dhabi. 

All you need to you is enter your car details and select a radiator or condenser as the part you need, and we’ll give you a free quote for the prices of the parts that are available. The supplier you choose to buy the part from will then contact you and then you can deal with them about the delivery accordingly.

Partfinder UAE specialises in finding used spare parts across the UAE. Takes away all the hassle of visiting or calling up different used part sellers or scrapyards. Now you can search for any used spare part at the best rates for your car, van or truck.

How Do the Radiator and Condenser Function?

Radiator and condenser are important parts of the smooth running of the car engine and air conditioning system. They help make the car experience ideal for the person who owns the car. Without any of the two functioning properly, the car is guaranteed to behave unpleasantly. 

The car engine contains a coolant that passes through the engine and when the coolant passes through the engine, it absorbs heat caused by the running of the engine, and then the radiator’s job kicks in. The radiator moves that coolant liquid through thin fins due to which the air from outside cools the liquid.

The job of the condenser is to help make air entering your cabin through the A/C cold. When the refrigerant changes its state to a liquid from a gas, this phase shift is responsible for making air coming out of the A/C in your car cool. 

What If the Radiator or Condenser Fails?

A radiator is very important for the car engine running as it is responsible for keeping the engine temperature low. If a radiator doesn’t perform as it is intended to, there is a good chance of the engine overheating and seizing as a result. So, radiators are very important otherwise the engine might stop automatically due to overheating issues.

If your car condenser fails, then the air that the A/C will let out inside the cabin will not be cold, which simply means that without the condenser, the A/C won’t be able to function properly at all.

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