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Where can You Find a Good Used Starter Motor?

If your starter motor has some issues and needs to be replaced and if you reside in the UAE, you’ve come to the ideal destination. Partfinder UAE is the best place for finding used auto spare parts. If you’re in need of a starter motor, you can find that easily at Partfinder UAE.

We are connected to a network of suppliers who are spread all over the UAE, and we give you a free quote for all the suppliers who have the best and the cheapest starter motor for your car. We guarantee you that we’ll help you find the best part for your car.

Starter Motor 

The starter motor is probably the most key part of any vehicle running on the road. Its significance can be understood by the fact that without it, the car engine won’t start at all, which means the car is basically useless in other words.

What is the Purpose of a Starter Motor?

When the car is static, that means the engine is usually off. In order to turn the engine back on, it needs to compress and burn the air-fuel mixture. To do that, it needs energy which has to come from somewhere. The starting motor provides that energy.

The motor has a pinion that is connected to a large gear ring part of the engine flywheel, and when the motor is powered, the pinion moves and hence the large gear rotates to start the fuel-burning process. The motor needs some power which comes from the battery. 

The battery must supply enough power to start the motor which turns the engine on. The connection between the battery and the starter motor is established by the ignition which is moved with the help of a key.

If a permanent connection establishes between the motor and the engine, the started engine will damage and end up destroying the motor. In order to prevent that, the ignition has a return spring, which after turning the engine on detaches the connection between the battery and the motor, which prevents the pinion from moving. 

If the battery does not provide enough power and becomes low, it will not supply enough power to the motor and as a result, the engine wouldn’t start. All these things are directly related to each other, which means that the power source is the battery, the mechanical energy source to the large gear ring is the pinion which rotates with the help of the motor and runs the engine, and all of that is controlled by the key ignition of the car.

What If the Starter Motor Fails?

If the starter motor fails, it means you won’t be able to start your car at all as the starter motor provides the initial power to the engine to start the fuel-burning process. Failed or badly working motor would mean there will be great problems in trying to start the vehicle, and without getting the motor replaced by another one, don’t expect to resolve your issues at all.

Service in the Entire UAE

Our services are not just restricted to Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi but we provide our services in the entire UAE. Whether you reside in Fujairah, Al-Ain, Ras Al Khaimah or any other UAE emirate, our suppliers will make sure to give you the cheapest and ideal part for your car.

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