Get Started with Suppliers Price Quote Management System

How to Become a Supplier?

To become member of our supplier network, just signup to our website and start sending price quotes to the customers looking for used car parts in the UAE and GCC states.

1- Become a supplier

Click on Become a supplier button on the top right corner of your screen and fill in the members signup form.

2- Fill in member signup form

Fill in member signup form which has two parts, one is User Information or your login details e.g. username and password, while second part is about your business information.

a. Fill in User Information

you will use to login to the Partfinder enquiry system

b. Fill in Business Information

this Information will be shown to the customers and they will contact you. be concise and accurate while filling in the form to increase your chance of sales

3- Create Account

Submit your form to the Partfinder UAE by clicking the CREATE ACCOUNT button and you are all done! Now you are a member of the Partfinder UAE and can quote to the part requests on the platform. Just login to your account and enjoy!

How to Login to the Partfinder Suppliers system?

Once you become the supplier of the Partfinder UAE, you can login to your suppliers’ account and start making price quotes on the car parts requests received.

1- Go to Suppliers’ Login page

Click Supplier Login Button on top right corner of your screen

2- Fill in your Username and Password

Fill in your Username and Password which you have selected in User Information while filling in membership form

a. Download our Android App, iOS App

You can download our Android App, iOS App as well or even can scan the QE code for your required app links.

3- Access your Customer Enquiry Page

Access your Customer Enquiry Page and start sending Price quotes on the parts you have in stock.

4- Spend time on System

Take some time to understand the system as well. It has a lot features to support your price quotes.


When you ready to Send a price quote on any enquiry, click SEND QUOTE button against that particular enquiry to access your View Quote page

How to Send a Price Quote against an enquiry?

Click on the Send Quote button to view enquiry details including customer Phone Number, Area and rest of the parts details.

  1. Add Part Prices
  2. Select warranty if you offer any
  3. Select the part condition if its used, new or reconditioned
  4. Add delivery charges if you offer paid delivery of the part to the customers
  5. Recovery cost will only be added if you offer in-house fitting services of the parts and can recover the vehicle from customers’ premises or address.
  6. Fitting charges if you can offer of the part
  7. VAT calculations are automatically done upon checking the box in the field.
  8. Total quote price comes in the TOTAL AMOUNT box
  9. You can send a note to your customer in the Other Notes for the Quote field as well.
  10. And finally SEND Quote to the customer

How to View your SENT Quotes?

1-My Quotes

Once you sent any quotes against several parts, they will be moved to My Quotes Section in the top menu. You can see them any time in "My Quotes" Section.

How to Create an Employee Sub Accounts?

If have more than one employees working on the Partfinder Suppliers system, you can allocate them different sub accounts within your main account.

Simply add employees and give them separate logins and usernames while having Admin rights in your hands.

1- How to create an employee account

To create an employee account within your main account follow these steps,

  1. Click Employees in the top menu.
  2. Fill in the individual /employee details
  3. Click Save to activate employee account
  4. Now your employees can use separate sub-accounts with limited access with their own username and password.

Note: You can monitor your employee activities by keeping an on every enquiry quoted